A Sophisticated & Responsive Approach To Solving Problems

Divorce is difficult, but it does not need to be a disaster. Do not limit your divorce to a conclusion of tears and financial ruin. You can work through divorce amicably, or through respectful litigation, while simultaneously achieving your goals. At Whitney D. Mauk, P.C., we take a sophisticated approach to helping you preserve your assets and protect relationships with your children. We use methods of mediation, negotiation and litigation to solve family law issues. Clients value our responsive service, meaning that we promptly answer calls and questions.

High-asset couples face a challenging divorce process. High-income earners may encounter hidden assets, complex benefit packages and difficult business division. It is important to receive guidance from an attorney with practice managing complex divorce. Whitney D. Mauk is an accomplished attorney with over a decade of experience in high-end divorce. She is currently a member of the State Bar of Georgia, the Atlanta Bar Association and is selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers list. She is skilled in complex property and asset division with compassion for difficult child custody matters.