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A Sound Legal Guide For Property And Asset Division

You have worked hard to get where you are today, and the decision to divorce should not destroy that. You can walk into divorce with a plan to achieve a fair settlement. Our firm is proficient in complex asset and property division matters, and we can help you create a strategy to reach your goals.

Our firm can assist with the mediation, negotiation or litigation of your divorce. We often assist with the division of property and assets such as:

  • Houses, including lake houses, beach houses and out-of-state vacation homes
  • Land and commercial properties
  • Assets such as vehicles and art
  • Retirement accounts
  • Benefits — vested and unvested
  • Family-owned businesses

How Will Our Assets And Property Be Divided?

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. Generally, this means that items acquired before marriage will remain separate while items acquired during marriage will be divided equitably between spouses. This is a generalization because property and asset division is a complicated aspect of divorce. There are a number of exceptions and details that should be discussed with an attorney.

Income inequality between spouses is a common concern. Income disparity can leave both parties fearful of the settlement outcome. Founding attorney, Whitney D. Mauk is an experienced professional who can explain your rights and how to protect yourself under the law. She has over a decade of experience in high-end divorce. Clients appreciate her fact-driven and respectful approach to solving legal problems.

Business Owners Face A Complex Divorce

Your business is your livelihood and you may be concerned about losing it in the divorce. Your concerns are valid, even if you acquired the business before marriage. There are many reasons why your spouse may be entitled to part of your business earnings. We can assist in explaining the details of business division. The first step is to place a value on the company. We will connect you with our business valuation partners to get started. Next, we will explain how best to protect and preserve your business.

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