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Assistance For Issues Of Contempt

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with someone who does not hold up their end of an agreement or court order. Your welfare and your child’s well-being may depend on it. You can be patient for only so long when they continue to let you down.

You do not need to tolerate an ex who is constantly late for their parenting time schedule. They may only partially pay for their child support obligations, failing to pay for necessary items such as extracurricular activities, doctor visit copays or summer camp. These things add up and over time you end up paying far over your fair share.

Their negligent actions have an impact on your life and your child’s life. They likely have impacted your budget, your schedule and vacations. Your time and your finances are important; do not let your needs be pushed aside. It is illegal to violate a court order. We can help you enforce it.

Do Not Hesitate To Get Help Enforcing A Court Order

As a skilled litigator and experienced trial attorney, Whitney D. Mauk, P.C. is well prepared to handle your legal issue. She is aggressive in court and thinks creatively to help you solve frustrating issues of contempt. Ms. Mauk and the professional legal team at our firm can help you resolve the following types of contempt issues:

  • Failing to pay child support
  • Disobeying a divorce decree judgment
  • Failing to pay alimony
  • Consistently late or absent for the visitation schedule
  • Withholding access to your child
  • Failing to pay attorney fees

Contact An Experienced Attorney For A Serious Legal Issue

Contempt is a serious matter that can lead to civil and criminal penalties. Call our office in Atlanta, Georgia, today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer to discuss your legal issue. Reach our office by calling 470-237-5520, or fill out our online contact form.