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How Is Child Support Determined In Georgia?

Child support is often necessary to ensure that children are well-supported and have a stable standard of living after divorce. It can also cause stress to the paying parent, inducing anxiety over the cost and impact on their life. It is important to understand how child support works and how it can be modified within the law to fit your needs.

Child support is typically decided in court by a judge according to guidelines known as the income shares model. These guidelines apply the total gross income of both parents and the number of children involved to determine child support. The information is calculated to estimate the total monthly cost of raising the children and each parent’s individual contributions.

There Is No Substitute For Experienced Legal Guidance

While child support can be estimated by online calculators, there is no substitute for guidance from an attorney. A judge can deviate from the income shares model to fit your family’s needs. We can discuss your personal and financial circumstances and how we can implement strategies to achieve the appropriate child support order.

There are some ways to alter a child support award, including through a parenting time agreement. If the support payer spends an above average amount of time with the children, then their child support payments may be adjusted .

Child support can also be settled outside of the courtroom through mediation. Whitney D. Mauk, P.C., is a certified mediator and she can help you decide on a child support agreement through peaceful and cost-effective measures. This option is not right for everyone. Mediation is best for couples who can collaborate to reach solutions. Ms. Mauk is also a highly skilled litigator who will aggressively advocate on your behalf in court when litigation becomes necessary.

If your ex is not paying their child support, then they are in violation of the court. It is illegal to defy a court order. It is important to hold them accountable. Our firm offers representation for child support enforcement and modification.

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