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Grandparent Custody And Visitation

Our firm handles all types of custody matters, including atypical child custody solutions. We stay up-to-date on emerging family law matters in Georgia. A law was recently established in Georgia dictating that children should have an opportunity for a healthy relationship with their grandparents. This means that grandparents can seek a legal visitation agreement with their grandchildren.

While state law dictates that it is typically in best interest of the children to stay with their parents, grandparents can legally gain custody of their grandchildren in certain scenarios. In some cases, a parent may be unfit to care for their child. Drug use, especially opioid abuse, is a common cause for concern among grandparents seeking custody. As a grandparent, you should no longer tolerate an abusive or neglectful environment for your grandchildren. We will explain what you can do to petition for a change of custody.

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