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What to know about child custody in a Georgia divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Child Custody

Regardless of your financial status, divorce can throw your family members’ lives into chaos. A speedy and equitable settlement may mitigate the upheaval of a divorce. Whether you are a high-asset couple with one primary breadwinner, or you and your spouse are working to support your family, divorce may require your patience and calm navigation of a difficult process.

All spouses contemplating divorce may have concerns about property division and alimony. One of the most high-priority and emotional issues in a divorce settlement involving children may be child custody.

Georgia Child Custody Laws

In Georgia, the court may decide on two types of custody – physical and legal custody.

Parents may share physical custody, in which one parent is the “primary custodial parent,” and the other parent is the “noncustodial parent.”

Joint legal custody entitles both parents to make all major decisions regarding their children.

Best Interests of the Child in Georgia

Georgia’s custody laws require a judge to determine custody arrangements according to a child’s best interests. Guidelines for custody decisions may include the following evaluations of each parent’s circumstances:

  • home environment
  • physical well-being, mental health and stability
  • emotional relationship with the child
  • ability to provide necessities and medical care for the child
  • understanding of the child’s health and social needs
  • involvement in the child’s education

The consequences of divorce may impact your family immediately and into the future. Compassionate and cautious handling of your divorce and custody arrangements can help your family to heal and move forward peacefully.