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3 times when you might need paternity testing

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Paternity Law

You may think of paternity testing as something that is only required when a birth mother is not sure of the father of her baby. The truth is that paternity testing is much more widely used than you think, and for many different reasons. In fact, you should understand the benefits of paternity testing to know when you might need to consider it.

There are several instances where paternity testing can be important.

1. You are not married to the birth mother

If you married the birth mother, it is reasonable to assume that you are the father on the birth certificate. In the state of Georgia, that automatically establishes paternity. If you are not married, there is no certainty that the birth mother will list you as the father. In that case, you may need a paternity test for legal confirmation to preserve your rights to visitation and a relationship with your child.

2. You are being sued for child support

Even if you accepted that child as yours in the past, it is often beneficial to establish paternity before you go to court for child support. It is easier to prevent the support order due to paternity issues than it is to cancel it later if it turns out that you are not the father.

3. You want to ensure next-of-kin status

Especially if you have a child out of wedlock, you want to legally recognize that child as your next-of-kin for inheritance and continuity purposes.

Paternity testing is important in these situations to protect your rights.